con vos.

You want to have one foot in, one foot out. The freedom to explore a new city as a single guy, no commitments from a long distance girlfriend… but you keep itching for that comfort- for the love that called you corazón and scratched your back. For the love that nursed your hangovers and held your hand on those rough flights into and out of Oaxaca. You long for the girl that traveled across nations to be with you- to see you smile… to tell you… yo te quiero. You want the love that met you at the airport, the one that moved her entire travel itinerary around to stay a little longer, the one who made you breakfast on lazy Sunday mornings and indulged your cravings for Indian take out for 4 nights in a row. 

You long for those sunset happy hours over looking the Indian ocean … carefree, so much life in her eyes. 


You keep longing for the love that with gleaming eyes accepted your flaws and took you by the hand across borders and she said to you, “this is my country.”

“Aquí naci…. de aqui es mi mamá. Aquí vivieron mis abuelos. This is home.”

Because with you, she felt like she had found a new place to call home …

“Eres mi patria en movimiento/ Mi muerte y mi renacimiento”

Fuiste. tú solo le has destrozado el PUTO corazón.


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