Boleros de Noche: Keeping México’s traditional music alive in Los Angeles

Estuve sentada en mi escritorio por la mañana, the fluorescent lights shining down, bandas playing on Spotify, manning the phones when two of my co-workers passed by; they were on their way to break..

B (balam.soul)   -Yo,

Ya’ll wanna join in on this paisa party?

C-what paisa party?

(Pass them my head phones)

B- oh, Fuck. I forgot! You’re Central American.- You’re not into this paisa music!, I teased.

… I’m going to a show tonight, ya’ll wanna roll? Boleros y Rancheras !

C- boleros?! Nah, that sounds too Romantic, he says flirtatiously.

B-yea, you right. Never mind

La Plaza de Cultura y Arte, DTLA

Cerna was spot on. La Noche de Bolersos was intoxicantingly romantic! The LA glowing skyline, a crisp summer night, and those melodies playing in the background,

Tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor, nuestras almas se acercaron tanto así


Sabes una cosa, No sé ni desde cuando
Llegaste de repente, Mi corazón se puso a cantar

The boleros were captivating, the Negra Modelo hitting just right. Teo Franco y su trio San Pedro opened the show with those melodies that conjure memories of past loves, melodies that revive any cynic… those melodies that speak the words that live in your heart, that your lips dare not utter  ….

Yo me estaría toda la vida, siempre a tu lado, porque mi vida, yo estoy de ti enamorado

Te Franco y su trio San Pedro

The crowd was a mix of colorful families, lovestruck couples and young millenials out on the night- Every age group represented and each of them loving the tacos and quesadillas served up by Pez Cantina and Zingo Tacos;  After the opening show, a quick intermission gives you a chance to break the seal and grab some tacos, if you hadn’t already.


The show resumes and Las Colibri take the stage- an all woman Mariachi ensemble that belch out the Rancheras with depth and passion; as loud and as deep as any Mariachi you’ve ever heard. But this is distinct- their set focuses on the ladies, proudly proclaiming “Que Vivan las mujeres!! Aaaa-haii!” They sing some classics but they also impress with their new and untitled material;

Las Colibri





Las Colibri captivate the audience and hit that nerve – te recuerdas de tu abuela, del pueblo de tu madre…. Te recuerdas de la noche en Coyoacán cuando te pusiste bien borracha con tu primo, gritando “la vida, no vale nadaaaaa , “

Te recuerdas de la patria, pero sobre todo- de  la raiz de tu ser. 

Don Roberto Carlos

Mexican, Central American or perhaps just American… the show is a beautiful cultural presentation. As recent events have proven to us, music transcends borders, it transcends generations. …  and there is nothing quite like live, passion drenched music on a warm summer night. You make a note of the next show and of the upcoming concerts because you’ve found a new niche in this big, and at times, overwhelming city and you’re not quite ready to stop exploring it.


Boleros de Noche is curated and managed by LA native and Cultural Programmer, Roberto Carlos;

For updates, follow them on Instagram: @bolerosdenoche; @lasColibri;


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